Paragliding is a weather dependent sport and nobody can guarantee a flyable day at specific time well in advance. You simply buy a voucher which is valid for next 12 months from the date of purchase. We will email you over the voucher with your pilot’s contact details. Once you feel you would like to go flying you need to get in touch with them 3-4 days prior to your preferred day. Then if your flight goes ahead you need to phone up again the evening before your day to get the final confirmation. Your pilot monitors the weather on daily basis and the current conditions determine the flying site and meeting point.

Occasionally you may have to try to book in a couple of times. Please be patient and we will fly you at the earliest convenient time when both you and the weather are ready for your best experience.

Sometimes it’s not possible for us to answer the phone straight away as we might be busy or just flying a customer like you. Ideally sent a text with your request and we will get back to you ASAP.

Yes, that is our best seller! You simply tell us the name which to put on the voucher with your personalised message. We will email you over the voucher which you print off and hand over as a gift to your loved one on the special day. Alternatively, we can post it straight to your chosen address. Just get in touch!
Flying is almost for everyone! Our oldest passenger so far was nearly 100 years old! Anyone under 18 needs written parental consent. Children over 3 are usually fine. In Brighton we can even take your dog up flying.
You just need to be able to take a few quick steps on take-off and landing, and spend the rest of the time sitting comfortably in the harness. We can accommodate most people’s needs, so if you have any concerns, just contact us first. Our passengers must weigh between 20 and 120 kg and be in a general good state of fitness. (You need to be able to walk up the hill to take off). If you have any concerns get in touch with us, please.
The best place is to travel down to the Brighton area, fly with us and have a nice day out 😊 Alternatively if you live in west London you may travel to Thames Valley.
Yes. There is an element of risk, but if done correctly the risks are lower than riding a horse, skipping or even crossing the road. Our pilots have worked all over the world flying tandems and have made thousands of flights. Your safety is our top priority.
Please wear a good footwear with ankle support for your own safety and some warm wind proof clothing. Don’t forget sun protection during hot summer months. Even if it looks like a warm day for your flight, we highly recommend wrapping up well for your time on the hill and in the air. Sometimes we may have to wait on the hill for the conditions to get just right so bottle of water and some snacks are also a good idea. Usually there are no toilet facilities on the hills.
We would certainly like to give you the opportunity to fly the paraglider as all flights are considered instructional by nature. As long as the conditions are suitable your pilot and instructor may hand over the controls to you whilst giving you guidance on their function, range and limitations. Just ask your pilot before flight!
Each of our pilots has slightly different approach when it comes to your pictures and videos, but they certainly do offer them. Just get in touch with your pilot to discuss the options.
No. A lot of pilots claim to be scared of heights. For most people, the moment we are airborne, fear and anxiety vanish.

There is No Personal Accident Cover included for any of the flights or services we provide.

You will become a member to the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) for the day which includes Third Party Insurance. We recommend taking out personal accident insurance. Sportscoverdirect offer a reasonable policies or quite often you might top up a travel insurance from your bank if you had one.

We guarantee at least 15 minutes flying time for our standard flight although it is usually more like half an hour depending on the conditions and number of bookings. We recommend to treat this as a full day experience so you can enjoy your flight, watch other pilots on the hill and perhaps go for a walk or have a lunch later on. If you are time tight set aside at least half a day so we can wait for the conditions to be just right if needed. For our adventurous clients we offer extended flights or even Cross-country flights at extra cost. Just speak to your pilot.
Check out some of the videos and photos of the people we’ve flown – they speak for themselves! All our professional pilots do is tandems, flying all over the world. It is YOUR day. You won’t find yourself being juggled to fit into the schedule of a school that is trying to teach students who are learning to fly themselves. We honestly believe we offer a better and more fun experience than the other operators!
The BHPA (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) operates a flyability scheme that subsidises people with various disabilities. We fully support this scheme and if possible, we will fly people with disabilities. Please ring and have a chat to find out more.
The Short answer is no. However we understand sometimes circumstances take an unexpected turn. Just get in touch to discuss the situation as we want you to enjoy your paragliding flight UK as much as possible.