Tandem Paragliding in Dorset, Eype, The ”Jurassic Coast”, Bell and Westbury

Welcome to Dorset! Give a tandem flight voucher as a perfect unusual present to your loved ones on the beautiful Dorset’s ”Jurassic Coast”. Most of our flying here is based on a smooth coastal soaring which also allows us to do some aerobatic flying for our more adventurous clients looking to go through some thrill. On a good XC day we can climb up to 2000 feet to touch the cloud base and we can let you control the glider to become a pilot for a moment. Or perhaps sit back, relax and take plenty of pictures? No problem, you choose. It’s your day! See you soon.

Our offer of Tandem paragliding flights

Standard tandem flight

An easy going panorama 15 – 20 minutes flight. Calm soaring and relaxed thermals make you feel very comfortable. This flight is perfect for newbies or really scared ones. After the flight all passengers are genuinely pleased and excited. Want to experience some acro features? Just ask!

Prices and booking

We will tailor the 15 – 20 minutes flight for you, so if you want an introduction to aerobatic flying, this will be included at no extra charge. We also include your BHPA membership, so there are no hidden extras on the day.

If you want to fly at Westbury location then please leave a Westbury comment in the note box when placing your order!

🛒 Single Tandem Flight

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🛒 Double Tandem Flight

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🛒 3 people Tandem Flight

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🛒 4 people Tandem Flight

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For group 5+ please get in touch.

Flying a paragliding tandem flight as a passenger is the most accessible way to experience the joy of paragliding without committing to a course or having a pilot license.

There are more or less no requirements on the passenger, so you can enjoy the stunning views around you or pay full attention to your camera. Just before take-off you receive short induction and safety instruction from our experienced pilots. You will also learn how the paraglider launches, steers and lands. The flight can be easy and smooth or a proper roller coaster with aerobatic bits. You choose.

Our main take offs are: Eype, Ringstead, Bell and Westbury. Eype is the Gateway to the Jurassic Heritage Coast including the high points of Golden Cap and Thorncombe Beacon. It’s been made famous in the BroadChurch TV series. There is a Cliff launch of 200ft accessing the 500ft plus ridge line between Burton Bradstock and Lyme Regis. Easy parking at Eypes mouth and short walk to launch. Top landings are usually possible and there are plenty of wonderful cafes and restaurants only a short walk away for your perfect day out after a wonderful tandem flight experience with us.
Ringstead is a beautiful launch near Weymouth overlooking Portland and accessing the chalk cliff lines towards Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. You can drive to the top where we launch and also land. The wind directions are WSW to S and it is usually a lovely smooth sea breeze flying.
Bell hill is near Blandford Forum. It is owned by the Wessex paragliding club and is a wonderful 400ft elevation overlooking the Blackmore vale and near the National Trust village of Milton Abbas. The wind directions needed are W-NNW and it is a wonderfully thermic site with great XC Potential.
Westbury is on the White horse ridge above Westbury in Wiltshire and takes NW-NNE, it is a wonderful high thermic site. One of the best for XC flying in the UK.

If the conditions are good, you will get the chance to fly the paraglider yourself! Unfortunately, we live on planet Earth, so good weather cannot be guaranteed. We will stay in touch to keep you informed about the last weather updates and plans.

We have experienced tandem pilots, who have flown thousands of tandem flights. They will never commence flight operations unless they are sure that conditions are safe to do so. 

A tandem paragliding flight is a fantastic and unusual gift or present, so you can buy a gift voucher to please your relatives, girlfriend or perhaps your boss. Vouchers are valid for 12 months, so the recipient can book in when they have their free time. Please note, our maximum passenger weight limit is 120kg. We provide you with third party insurance and we only use the latest certified equipment.

What to bring

  • A sturdy pair of boots
  • A suitable clothing
  • Gloves
  • Camera
  • Snack and drink

When you book

We’ll email you your voucher which is valid for a whole year. When you’re ready, just call us 3-4 days prior to your preferred day to book your experience. But don’t leave it until the last minute! Remember paragliding is weather dependent, so you may need to try more than once.

The night before

Call us the night before your booking to check the weather for the next day and confirm if we’re able to go ahead. We’ll also confirm where we’re meeting as the site depends on the wind and weather.

On the day

Bring some warmer clothes as it will be colder up in the air than it is on the ground. You’ll need good boots. You may also want to bring some snacks or drinks with you as you may be waiting for a while until the conditions get just right.

On the site, we’ll fit you with a helmet and harness and show you everything you need to do.

When the conditions are right, which depends on the day, we’ll have the flight. Remember to talk to your pilot about what you want from the flight – a gentle float about, or the chance to experience acrobatic flight. You can even have a go at flying the glider yourself if you want to!!

Our tandem pilot Eddie has been flying for over 25 years. He is a long standing British National pilot and has been a BHPA instructor since 1996. He also runs overseas paragliding holidays using some of the best international guides in the Himalaya. He loves the sport and to share the adventure with our passengers. Thank you for coming flying with us!

Please note in Dorset we don’t provide pictures of your flight however you are welcome to take plenty of pics yourself and bring over your friends and family who can film all action from the ground.